There has been a lot of back and forth on what the document editor should ultimately be in Graphite. Should it be a lightweight text editor like Dropbox Paper? Should it be a markdown editor since many cypher-punks and crypt-enthusiasts are also big fans of markdown? Should it serve the broader audience and be more of a full-blown word processor. Well, a decision has been made.

Graphite will be a full-blown word processor. The idea is that it will, over time, has all the same features you'd expect of Google Docs or Microsoft Word. In fact, with today's release, it has approximately 90% of the features available in Google Docs. Take a look at a quick demo:

Why was the decision made to go the full word processor route? Simple. That's what people want and need. If Graphite is to compete and give people a real reason to leave the surveillance capitalism tools of Google and others behind, it has to provide the toolset people are already used to. That means for document editing, the experience needs to be robust.

A student working on a term paper should be able to use Graphite to do the entire paper and then print it. A dad working on a grocery list should be able to quickly jot down items in a list. A business should be able to rely on their employees creating reasonably complex documents in a secure way.

So, the new editor is here and it's the biggest, best, and most powerful editor released by Graphite to date. There's a ton to explore, and I hope you do explore it. Get started at